Rosen Method courses and workshops

Rosen Method Open House
An afternoon of sharing and experiencing Rosen Method bodywork in a small group. Receive a Rosen Method bodywork session and participate in a discussion about the benefits that Rosen Method can provide.

Introductory Workshop
A one-day workshop that will introduce you to the basic principles of Marion Rosen’s knowledge of the body. It will guide you through the process of hands-on learning to enable you to touch with depth and without using forceful effort.

Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive
Rosen Method is grounded in the physical reality of the way the body functions, and also reaches the emotional and spiritual aspects of being human. The Intensive is one component of a complete training program in Rosen Method bodywork.

Rosen Method Movement Training
How we move matters. Come move and be moved! The essence of Rosen Method is to encourage freedom of movement by gently and playfully getting you to move beyond unconscious attitudes and beliefs.

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